How to fix Windows Keyboard Layout

 When I moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8,I got some issue.My laptop keyboard is error.So I tried switch keyboard to external keyboard but nothing happen.I tried fix keyboard but actually thats not problem.To fix your keyboard layout,its not hardware issue in my case but it’s software issue.My laptop keyboard working well after I try change my keyboard layout from conttol panel
So here’s how to fix it :

  1. Open charm then click search or press Windows+s button
  2. Click settings and write “Add Language” then click Add Language
  3. Window will appear and its look like this :|

  4. Click Option
  5. Click Add an Input Method
  6. Double Klik United States International Touch Keyboard Layout
  7. On input methods,delete everything except United States International
  8. Finish

Easy right ??

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