How To Extrude On FMR 5 RIG (Cinema 4D)

FMR 5 is a Minecraft Steve RIG made by xifrost.One of my friend asked me about how to extrude fmr 5 rig in cinema4d.Today,I gonna show you how to extrude hair in FMR 5.0 RIG.

Here its step by step

  1. Open FMR 5.0 RIG|
  2. Change your skin|
  3. Click Layers then unlock it|
  4. Make Extrude_meshHead visible (Look at Pict) then click Extrude_meshHead|
  5. Select selector like shown in the picture then click live selection (tool with arrow icon)|
  6. Select zone you want to extrude
  7. Press U then I then Delete
  8. CTRL+A (Or Select zone you want to extrude manually)
  9. Set Maximum Angle to 91
    Change Offset as you want|
  10. Finish!!|

    Watch Video Version :

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      Nice Dude :u just like mah tutor


      Coz extruding FMR 5 RIG is simple (maybe) so almost all tutorial have same step
      #CMIIW :u

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