How to import Minecraft World to obj (Cinema4D)

If you want to make Minecraft render with scene on Cinema4d,you’ve to make cube then texture it,and then place it and make scene of Minecraft,but there is simple way to make scene for your render is using Mineways.Mineways can convert Minecraft World to obj file wich could opened by Cinema 4D,Maya,3Ds,Blender or other 3D graphic application

What is an OBJ file?

Files that contain the .obj file extension hold 3D object files created with computer drawing software. These files can contain texture maps, 3D coordinates and other 3D object data.The OBJ file format is used by a variety of 3D graphic

Here its the simple way :

  1. Download Mineways from Mineways website
  2. Extract and open Mineways
  3. Click File >Open World
    If You Cant find your world,search manually Click File>Open|
  4. Block zone you want to export (press and hold ctrl+LMB and drag it)|
  5. Then pop up will apear,just click yes (If doesnt appear,skip this step)|
  6. Click File>Export for Rendering|
  7. Then Name it|
  8. Just click OK (If you want set it,just set it but dont follow my screenshot)|
  9. Open Cinema4D click File>Open|
  10. Open obj file|
  11. Set size to 1000 cm (Follow my SS)|
  12. Select all materials|
  13. On Color tab,click texture
    Then open ##RGB.png or ##RGBA.png (select one)
    (## = Name of your obj file)|
  14. Click Sampling>Choose None|
  15. Click Basic tab and check list like my SS
    For R14 User or Lower :|

    For R15 User or Higher :|
  16. Click Alpha tab then click Texture

    Open ##-Alpha.png
    (## = Name of your obj file)|
  17. Click Sampling>Choose None|
  18. Your Scene is now ready for Rendering!!!|

If you dont understand,just ask it on comment 🙂

Note : Object is blur before rendering,dont worry if you already follow all steps above just render it and blur will gone Look at My SS

Before Rendered :|

 After Rendered :|

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