How to Download Audio/Video From Youtube Easily

How to Download Audio/Video From Youtube Easily|

Last year,I already posted how to downlaod from youtube with SlimBrowser,but this time you can choose between video and audio,so you dont need to convert it from your computer or something else.Let’s check this out!!

  1. Choose video you want to downlaod,for example I will download Persona 5 soundtrack by the way I love persona it have great gameplay and story.Copy video link from your browser|

  2. Open and paste link|

  3. You’ll be reffered to this page|
  4. Setting as you want|

    Make sure you choose Record Audio if you want to downlaod audio and choose Record Video if you want to download video

    If you choose Record Audio,it should be like this|

    If you choose Record Video,it should be like this|

  5. Disable your download manager,some download manager is incompatible with this site
    For example,I used IDM so I can turned it off or just uncheck my browser from setting like this|


  6. Click Record,it will start download video||

    Done !!!

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